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Do you create custom colours?


Yes, we can create almost any custom colour combination - up to 3 tones. We estimate 30 days to process and create your custom hair.  Simply email any photo(s) of your colour inspiration.  Minimum purchase of  200 braiding bundles. Let's get started!


NOTE: Unpaid invoices are no longer valid after 24 hours.


How many ombre braiding bundles do I need for individual braids?

Typically, customers use 15(+) for large individual braids  and 10 braiding bundles for medium to small individual braids. You may also use 3 of our 82" braiding bundles (cut in half or thirds) for the bottom and 3 ombre bundles for the top.  It's your style! Be creative!


NOTE: Due to mass production, hair weight may be 10-20 grams more or less. 100 grams is the average weight. Thank you.



What are the shipping and return policies?

All sales are final. CONTACT US if we have made an error with sending the wrong item(s). You may exchange. We will pay return shipping cost up to the amount that we initially charged you for shipping. 

NOTE: Hair must be returned in top condition. Packages must be unopened.


How soon will I receive my hair?


DOMESTIC:  In-Stock Hair: You will receive your hair, typically, within 2-4 business days. However, in some cases 5-7 business days. 

INTERNATIONAL: Typically, 6-10 business days for in-stock hair. Shipping may take longer. If your customs authority detains your package, you must contact them directly.

WHOLESALE: This hair is custom made as order.  Allow 15-30 days to process, although processing may be faster in some instances.

PRE-ORDER HAIR: Typically, hair ships within 10-15 business days.


NOTE: Our business days are Monday-Friday (excluding all holidays).


NOTE: Final shipping cost is determined by USPS.  Paypal invoice will be created and emailed to you if there are any additional shipping cost. Once paid, we will ship.



Can I cut the ombre hair?

If you cut the ombre braiding hair in half it will alter the ombre affect. We suggest that you use the full length of the hair. However,  if you like shorter hair then we suggest that you cut - starting from the bottom. 

What if the color that I want is sold out?


Simply email us the colour and quantity of each. In most cases we can Pre-Order hair for you.

NOTE: You may email us directly from the "CONTACT US" page.

NOTE: If we make an exception to our EXCHANGE ONLY policy there will be a restocking fee of 20% the cost of your total purchase.  

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